young girl pointing out dental braces in tx after orthodontic services in txLovett Dental Meyerland Plaza offers dental braces in TX that correct crowded or misaligned teeth or jaws. We provide orthodontic services in TX for both adolescents and adults who need orthodontic work. Braces can properly align your teeth and jaws to improve your bite and enhance your smile.

Our braces are fully customizable, with lots of options available. Learn more about specialty dental services in Meyerland Plaza, TX. One of our dental hygienists can meet with you to answer your questions, address your concerns, and go over your dental options. We offer a free consultation on the first visit!

Are You a Candidate for Braces?

Not all dental problems require braces for correction. Therefore, we perform a comprehensive oral exam to determine if you are a candidate for orthodontic services in TX. You may want to consider braces if you have one of the following conditions including:

  • Overcrowded or crooked teeth
  • A sizable gap between your teeth (not a missing tooth)
  • Overbite/Overjet – upper teeth that overlap the lower teeth
  • Underbite – the upper teeth fall behind the lower teeth
  • Jaw misalignment that causes biting or speaking problems

If you or your child has any of these conditions, braces can realign your teeth or jaw. They are especially crucial in correcting the development of the teeth/jaw in children or adolescents. Lovett Dental Meyerland Plaza can improve the appearance of your teeth and the overall health of your oral cavity.

What You Can Expect from Our Orthodontic Services

When you decide that braces are right for your or your child, the process you usually use involves the following steps including:

An Oral Exam

We conduct a full dental exam of your oral cavity, including your jaws and your teeth. This gives us an overview of the current condition of your mouth. It also helps us to determine if braces are the best option. Learn more about dental exams during teeth cleaning in TX.

Diagnostic X-Rays

We perform a series of x-rays to determine the position of your jawbone or teeth. The x-ray displays the upper and lower teeth when they are in a biting position. We can also get an idea of the size and position of the teeth and jaws.

Plaster Models

We custom design a plaster model that acts as a replica of your teeth and jawbone. The plaster model allows us to develop the braces precisely to the shape of your mouth. We use digital technology to create braces based on the plaster model.

Further Dental Work

If your teeth are overcrowded, damaged, or affected by decay or disease, we may have to perform additional dental work before we can apply the braces. This allows the braces to do their job effectively and develop your teeth long-term. In severe cases, we may need to perform jaw repositioning surgery.

The Benefits of Braces

There are several benefits of getting dental braces in TX.

  • They improve the overall health of your oral cavity
  • Improve your teeth’s ability to chew on tough food
  • Prevent jawbone erosion or bone loss
  • Boost your confidence and improve your smile
  • Help you with related chronic speech problems

Best of all, braces are a long-term investment into your oral health that can last into your adulthood. Orthodontic services in TX can prevent further problems from occurring when you get older.

Schedule an Oral Exam for Dental Braces

Contact Lovett Dental Meyerland Plaza for dental braces in TX. We offer complete dental work for children adults. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 832.551.3318. We are here to help you with all of your dental needs.