Do you have a damaged tooth? Perhaps there is an area of discoloration on one tooth or a crack that’s very easy to see. Whether or not it hurts, you may want to seek out treatment for it to repair the damage and get your smile back. If you’re looking for dental bonding at Lovett Dental Meyerland Plaza, this is by far one of the most effective and affordable ways to fix these types of problems.

dentist using mirror to examine patient teeth for dental bonding meyerland plaza txWhat Is Dental Bonding?

If you’re seeking dental bonding at Lovett Dental Meyerland Plaza, you may already know that this type of cosmetic dental procedure can provide several benefits. The bonding process uses a flexible, moldable resin material. Your dentist can apply it in different ways to the tooth to repair the tooth. Because it is customizable to fit virtually any need, it is a very versatile solution for fixing most damage done. It may help with:

  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Teeth with cracks
  • Discoloration on the tooth’s surface
  • Covering up unsightly fillings
  • Improving the appearance of more extensive repairs

Your dentist will talk to you about your options and make recommendations for repairing your teeth. However, it is very important to seek out dental bonding at Lovett Dental Meyerland Plaza from an experienced and trusted dentist. The dentist’s skill is important in getting a beautiful, natural look.

Our Procedures for Dental Bonding

Did you hit your tooth on something hard and have it break? You may have a small chip on your tooth that doesn’t hurt but looks bad. When this happens, turn to our team at Lovett Dental Meyerland Plaza. Our team will provide a full examination to determine how extensive the damage is. Many times, dental bonding can address the problem.

If you have significant pain or want faster results, you can utilize our emergency dental services. We may be able to provide you with a better ability to repair your smile right away using these services.

Does This Treatment Always Work?

As you think about the benefits of dental bonding at Lovett Dental Meyerland Plaza, recognize that this procedure can help with many types of tooth damage. However, there are some potential limitations. For example, if the tooth is decaying and the damage is significant, you may need a root canal treatment before you can have a dental bonding procedure performed. This will clean out the infection and encourage healing in the tooth and gums.

Sometimes, the tooth is cracked or broken so much so that you may need tooth extraction treatment. Though this is not common for most repair needs, it is something we can handle for you. If you do need to have the tooth removed, talk to our dental care team about dental implant procedures and veneer dental applications that can help restore your smile.

What Should You Do Now?

If you have damage to your tooth, try to hold onto the piece if possible. Call Lovett Dental Meyerland Plaza to schedule an appointment. Our team will tell you exactly what steps to take. We will provide a full exam, clean your teeth properly to prepare them, and then we will apply the dental bonding. Because it can be colored to match your existing teeth, this is often one of the best procedures for a fast and easy repair. We encourage you to act quickly for the best results after such an injury.

Find Out More at Lovett Dental Meyerland Plaza

If you are thinking about dental bonding at Lovett Dental Meyerland Plaza, your first step is to come in for an appointment to learn more about how well it can work for you. This is a great way to get your smile back. Contact our team online with your questions and call 281-974-3434 to schedule an appointment.