Dental Implants

example bottom jaw with dental implants from meyerland plaza txAnyone planning to get dental implants in Meyerland Plaza, TX, or a nearby city may need more info on tooth replacement before deciding if the procedure is right for them. Another priority may be finding a general dentistry practice in Texas that offers dental implants services to match their needs.

Take Lovett Dental Meyerland Plaza, for example. Patients who come to us may opt for a single-tooth dental implant or implant-supported dentures. Specialty dental services in Meyerland Plaza, TX are delivered by a team of board-certified dentists and specialists from the first consultation through a series of follow-up treatments.

Dental Implants Are Permanent Teeth Replacement

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root or post that holds a replacement tooth in place. The typical post looks like a titanium screw and takes the place of a natural tooth root. It is inserted into the jawbone during oral surgery and from then on functions as a support structure for a new crown, a dental bridge, or dentures.

More people are opting for dental implants services for various reasons. One of the most appealing aspects of implants is that they look, feel, and function like natural teeth. You probably decided on dental implants in Meyerland Plaza, TX, because implants are a permanent replacement for missing, chipped, or broken teeth. But as you explore dental implants services, you should also know that they improve teeth function, including biting and chewing, and help prevent jawbone loss. As for the aesthetic benefits, you will be able to step out with a bright, confident smile!

Dental Implants Options

The dental implants services you receive will depend on the type of implant you wish to get, and the number of teeth you plan to replace. The two options are endosteal and subperiosteal. Your dental specialist can help you decide which one is right for you.

  • Endosteal: This most commonly used type of implant is inserted into the jawbone during surgery. It will later hold the prosthetic tooth snugly in place. Patients who are planning on getting removable dentures or bridges may prefer the endosteal implant to help keep their replacement teeth in place. However, the patient must have sufficient jawbone height for this procedure.
  • Subperiosteal: The artificial tooth root is placed into the gum just above the jawbone. Subperiosteal implants are an option for those who do not have enough jawbone structure to support the tooth root. It is also suitable for persons who are unable to wear traditional dentures or who need implant-supported dentures.

The replacement porcelain crowns, dentures, or bridges will be put into place once the post fuses to the bone and the gum heals. This process can take a few months, depending on the dental implants services you receive. The entire procedure generally takes 6 to 9 months. It usually takes a little longer to get endosteal implants because bone grafting is necessary to build up the bone structure.

The Dental Implant Consultation

You may need to make an appointment with your dental practice of choice to find out how to get dental implants in Meyerland Plaza, TX. The team at Lovett Dental Meyerland Plaza usually performs a thorough dental exam during the consultation. Your exam will include taking X-rays and 3D images of the teeth and jaw.

The results of this exam help us to assess your oral health, decide whether bone grafting is required, and determine in a more general way if implants are right for you. In some cases, the periodontist will need to treat patients with gum disease before the implant procedure begins. Other patients may need extractions or other dental implants services as they prepare to receive their new teeth.

Enhance Your Smile with Dental Implants Services in One Place

Lovett Dental Meyerland Plaza in Houston, TX, can help you fall in love with your smile again! In addition to dental implants services, we also offer braces, teeth whitening, and dentistry for children. Call 832.551.3318 to schedule an appointment today. Contact Lovett Dental for all of your dentistry needs.