Do you have impacted teeth? Tooth impaction occurs when one or more teeth do not emerge properly from the gum line, often causing several health complications in the oral cavity, including pain. Impacted wisdom teeth are just one example of this. If you have impacted teeth, removing the tooth may be necessary to alleviate the symptoms you feel. Our team at Lovett Dental Meyerland Plaza can help you with the treatment process.

Diagnosing and Impacted Teeth ExamsWoman struggles with the pain caused by her impacted teeth

The best way to avoid impacted teeth removal is to monitor your teeth’ health and development over time carefully. That means coming in to see your dentist in Texas at least one time every six months. We will use x-rays and a physical exam to determine if you have impacted teeth and, if so, what the best treatment option for it is.

Tooth Impaction in Children

For kids between the ages of 10 and 14, impacted teeth can become evident when their adult teeth fail to emerge properly. If we can monitor this over time, your dentist will catch this occurring. We may use braces or other types of procedures to help encourage those teeth to come in properly. This can sometimes happen with the adult canines in a mouth that is small or overcrowded.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

It may be necessary to address impacted wisdom teeth in those who are 18 to 25 or older. While you are younger, and before your wisdom teeth come in, we may recommend having them removed. That’s because the wisdom teeth are often in the wrong position and can cause tooth impaction. Additionally, they can lead to pain and discomfort.

If we do not remove them early, the impacted wisdom teeth could come in and cause significant damage to the surrounding teeth. They may also cause several problems with decay and gum disease. We can still provide impacted teeth removal at this point. That can help to resolve the problem for you.

What Happens in Impacted Teeth Removal?

Whenever there is a need to have impacted teeth removed, our team will work with you to ensure you understand what will happen. In impacted teeth removal, you may experience several things.

  • You’ll be asleep. We use general anesthesia for this type of procedure.
  • Our oral surgeon will cut into the gum and extract the tooth.
  • You may have stitched placed to close up the opening in the gum.
  • You will be given very specific directions to follow for the next week.
  • Your gums will heal up and close the openings, resolving the problem fully.

There are some differences in how we handle impacted teeth removal based on age and other health conditions. We may also need to address damage to teeth in the surrounding area, especially if the tooth impaction has led to significant decay or gum disease. It’s important to minimize any risks associated with infection.

What You Can Do About Impacted Teeth Now

If you have a tooth that hurts and has not come through the skin yet, it is important to be aggressive about your treatment options. Our team highly recommends coming in for routine care and exams. Through x-rays, we can follow the emerging teeth to ensure they are not going to cause damage.

Having a good relationship with your dental team is important for this reason. You can get started by working with Lovett Dental Meyerland Plaza for outstanding care and all of your dental health needs. Our team welcomes you to the practice. Learn more about the services we offer, including:

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